15.  Plan and Prepare, IUH 2009-12, 2ND Ed, R513A

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15.  Plan and Prepare

Success can be yours if you properly plan and prepare. We have given to the keys to success, the blueprint, and the path; but as in all things in life – you must take the responsibility for going for it. The choices you make from now on will determine your future on or offline success.


This Handbook has been written for you; whether you are a seasoned professional or a newbie; whether you are starting or growing a business online. Our approach to online business is much the same as our approach to offline business. Business is business. There are no-short cuts, no free rides or free lunches. Follow our approach and turn your passions, interest or hobby into a lifelong online business.

In all business online or offline, you are your own greatest risk! Do you have the mindset for business, do you have the required skills, have you prepared for business and do you have a plan for yourself as well as for your business, and is there a market for your business? Without these, you cannot succeed online!


Your greatest risk to your business online success is Internet Crime. The Internet knows more about you, than you remember about yourself. Scams and spam is big business; it affects you as an individual, your business or other businesses trying to capitalize on the potential of the Internet to expand their markets. It can shut down or overload your systems and equipment with spam, or a virus. It can steal your identity or destroy your data with a virus. Click fraud can eat up you advertising budget. Other viruses can shut down your computer, putting your out of business.


Two ways to minimize this risk is to be doing something that you understand, your and to learn as much as you can about avoiding scams while doing business online. Learning is a lifelong endeavor, enjoy it. Our Internet Users Handbook is a Comprehensive Guide to Avoiding Scams while Doing Business online.


Use it and promote it to others. Help us combat Internet Crime.


Whether, you are newbie or a seasoned professional. You are here! Many of you have turned to the Internet for the wrong reason, to solve a financial crisis; out of work or too many debts. Unfortunately, you will be inclined to look for a quick fix – there are none. Others of you are here for an additional source of income, to supplement retirement, to improve your lifestyle, or even to start a new career. The latter has the greatest chance for online success by following the plan we have laid out for you in this handbook.


In either case, the scammers have an offer for you. They do not discriminate; they want any and all of you money. Many fine sites, blogs, articles and sites specialize and do a great job in various areas of the problem. However, we believe that this handbook along with our Internet Scams Anonymous Groups have taken the broadest, most comprehensive view of avoiding scams while doing business online.


Obviously, book after book has been written on every type of scam and fraud. Other books help you analyze yourself, start a business, grow your business, and advertise your business and others offer you another winning strategy to be successful in business. Any one of the topics herein can fill books on their own. This Handbook gave you the big picture with discussion, experience, examples and tips. Take




time to learn more each day. A particular subject of interest should supplement with your own online search.


It was easy to show and recognize that Scammers play to your emotions by their use of persuasion, trigger words and spam. We all have some trigger that will get us thinking and a willingness to take the action offered by the scammer. Everyone would like to think that the next deal to be the one that will cure our ills or greed.


Spam is a major contributor to the spread of Scams. Entry cost and advertising costs are minimal and the penalties few. New sites and email addresses are freely available to further these scams. Further because it reduces the productivity of both individuals and organizations by jamming their systems with junk. Further, because of the size of the problem, Spam has attracted everyone’s attention and has a priority greater than the Scams it represents. Perhaps some feel that the reduction of spam will reduce the Scams.


These “Let’s Stop Spam” methods have affected both the scammer and the legitimate business. These scammers can keep going, but business cannot simply change their sites and email addresses without further affecting their own business.


The reduction of spam alone does very little to help the individual who is simply trying to find a way to makes ends meet; especially those that have limited resources to apply to the task. A scammer will take your last dollar and does not give change. The Advertising section shows you how to prepare your advertising and to avoid the spam blockers and being a spammer. The challenge remains; how to grab the customer’s attention, without the use of spam trigger words used by everyone else.

The Handbook has demonstrated that just by doing your own due diligence is the cheapest and easiest way to avoid the Scam. A simple search, with Google or other search engines, will help uncover the problems of a given site. Additional due diligence tools dig deeper into ownership and other problems.


For that matter, learning how to do a simply search is quicker than scanning a list for banner or watch program. One of the best ways to avoid the scam is too slow down and take the time to check out the site.


Other sections of the Handbook covered Affiliate Programs, MLM, Pyramids and Networking Programs, with special sections for Paid-to-Read/Click and Forex Programs. There are so many sites and scammers, that no list from anyone can possibly keep up. Some tips and tools to manage your time, email and office were included to round out our objectives. The Glossary’s are a simple, easy-to-read resource for quick answers


Thank you and Welcome! It is my pleasure to champion this cause. With your help, we can grow as an Association, and take a large chunk out of this bad apple. You have the signs; hopefully you understand them, and will reduce or avoid the scam in the future. Take advantage of the references and resources offered herein as well as the support of your fellow members in our group sites.




Success if yours, if you accept our plan and prepare for it and please accept my very best wishes for your continued or future success.

Thanks for Reading – Introduction to the Internet

Dr Don, Founder, ICFO

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