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Find Top Affiliate PI Products That Convert

Take your Affiliate Marketing business to the next level. Our search tools and analytical software help you find CB marketplace products that convert so you can make more money. Sign up for a free trial and learn what the serious affiliates already know.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income can be defined as money earned with minimal effort from activities for which the recipient does not have to trade their time directly. It is often considered an ideal form of income as it provides financial stability without requiring constant labor or supervision. Passive income allows individuals to earn money while they sleep, travel, or engage in other activities. It is a source of revenue that continues to flow even when one is not actively working.

Key Terminology in Clickbank’s Affiliate Program

Clickbank’s affiliate program is a cornerstone of the platform, enabling individuals to earn commissions by promoting vendors’ products. To excel in the affiliate program, understanding key terminology is essential. Clickbank uses terms such as affiliate links, hoplinks, tracking IDs, and cookies, to track and attribute sales to affiliates. Familiarity with these terms allows affiliates to effectively promote products, track their performance, and optimize their marketing strategies.

Unveiling Clickbank’s Commission Rates

Commission rates play a vital role in determining the earnings of affiliates and vendors on Clickbank. Commission rates vary depending on the product, and vendors have the flexibility to set their own rates within Clickbank’s guidelines. Affiliates can view the commission rates for each product before promoting it, allowing them to choose products with higher earning potential. Understanding how commission rates are determined and maximizing them can significantly impact the profitability of both vendors and affiliates.

The Importance of Clickbank’s Gravity Score

Clickbank’s gravity score is a metric that measures the popularity and performance of a product. It indicates the number of unique affiliates who have made sales in the past 12 weeks. A higher gravity score suggests a product that is in high demand and has a proven track record of generating sales. Affiliates often use the gravity score as a benchmark when selecting products to promote, as it can indicate the overall success of a product in the Clickbank marketplace.

Clickbank’s Earnings Per Click (EPC) Explained

Earnings Per Click (EPC) is a key metric that Clickbank affiliates use to gauge the profitability of promoting a particular product. EPC represents the average earnings generated per click on an affiliate’s promotional link. A higher EPC implies that the product has a higher conversion rate and is more likely to result in a sale when clicked by a potential buyer. Affiliates can monitor the EPC of various products to make informed decisions regarding their promotional efforts and maximize their earnings.

Clickbank’s Upsell Flow and Its Benefits

Clickbank’s upsell flow is a feature that allows vendors to offer additional products or upgrades to customers after their initial purchase. This flow enables vendors to increase their revenue by maximizing the lifetime value of each customer. By presenting customers with relevant upsell offers, vendors can capitalize on their interest and provide additional value. Understanding and utilizing the upsell flow effectively can significantly enhance a vendor’s revenue potential on Clickbank.

Analyzing Clickbank’s Chargeback Policy

Clickbank’s chargeback policy is designed to protect both vendors and buyers from fraudulent transactions or disputes. In the event of a chargeback, Clickbank investigates the case and provides vendors with an opportunity to respond. If Clickbank rules in favor of the buyer, the vendor may be required to refund the purchase amount and incur a chargeback fee. Understanding the chargeback policy is crucial for vendors to mitigate the risk of financial losses and maintain a positive business reputation.

Clickbank’s Marketplace Categories Demystified

Clickbank’s marketplace categories are the key to organizing and discovering products within the platform. These categories include a wide range of niches, such as arts and entertainment, business and investing, health and fitness, and more. Understanding the marketplace categories allows affiliates to explore products within their preferred niche and effectively target their audience. Vendors can optimize their product listings by selecting the most relevant categories, increasing their visibility and attracting potential buyers.

Conclusion: Mastering Clickbank’s Essential Terms

Mastering the essential terms and phrases within Clickbank’s ecosystem is crucial for vendors and affiliates alike. Understanding Clickbank’s payment terms, refund policy, vendor terms, and key terminology empowers users to navigate the platform confidently and maximize their earning potential. By comprehending concepts such as commission rates, gravity score, Earnings Per Click (EPC), upsell flow, chargeback policy, and marketplace categories, Clickbank users can strategically promote and sell products, while ensuring customer satisfaction and financial success. As Clickbank continues to evolve, staying updated on its terms and phrases will prove invaluable in the pursuit of success in the digital marketplace.

Top Affiliate Products That Convert – PI Links

Do Your Due Diligence
Vert Shock – Vertical Jump Training (Recently Updated + HIGH CR)


Professional Athlete Endorsed Vertical Jump Training System. Very high conversions + Low Refunds + Upsells.

Secrets Of The Big Dogs.EBook(R) Detailing Internet Promotion Techniques.
Perpetual Income 365 – Brand NEW 3.2 Version This 2023!Brand NEW VSLs, NEW Upsells, NEW Features for 2023. MASSIVE Avg $ Per Sale From A $9 Tripwire PLUS Recurring Income!  Created By A 7-Fig Affiliate, For Affiliates. Load Up 100 – 200 Clicks And Be Amazed!
The Kidney Disease SolutionGet consistent and high sales from this amazing product – Video converts customers like crazy, plus order bumps and upsells to generate even more money.  You will create a passive income for yourself, plus you’ll be helping people.
Love Commands! Dazzling New Women’s Launch.


Affiliate makes $18k+ with one mailing.
“A.I Creators Club” – Community of video makers using A.I.“Unlock recurring income with AI Creators Club – a powerhouse where users leverage AI for seamless video creation.  No camera fuss or editing grind. Help others master AI video magic while padding your wallet monthly. A win-win indeed!”
Build your own shipping container home – Huge conv.rateNEW PRODUCT: Huge conversion rate + perfect product = Maximum income… Great match for other niches like solar, home and garden, energy, green products, DIY, etc.
Guy Magnet – See Income Screenshots On Aff Page


New product launch for the women’s market. Killer conversions, killer upsells.
Looking For Passive Income- 300 000+ eBooks Resell Licenses + BonusesStart your own business by selling eBook’s on marketplaces..like Amazon Kindle, Shopify and more, and earn 100% profit on them. The great thing about these websites is that they already get visitor traffic. Everything you need to succeed in one Package.
Real Money Streams – Brand New Biz Opp Offer!This biz opp is guaranteed to make you a lot of money with 1-click RECURRING billing upsells!  With over 1200 hours of content, you can be sure your visitors will love this offer!

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