Beware Phishing Emails

Some signs of phishing emails are:

– They ask for sensitive information, such as passwords, account numbers, or Social Security numbersĀ¹Ā²ā“.
– They use a different domain than the legitimate company or organization they claim to represent, such as instead of @bank.comĀ¹Ā²ā“.
– They contain links that don’t match the domain or look suspicious, such as instead ofĀ¹Ā²ā“.
– They include unsolicited attachments that may contain malware or virusesĀ¹Ā²ā“.
– They are not personalized and use generic greetings, such as Dear Customer or Dear Sir/MadamĀ¹Ā²Ā³.
– They use poor spelling and grammar that indicate a lack of professionalism or a foreign originĀ¹Ā²Ā³.
– They try to panic the recipient by creating a sense of urgency or threat, such as Your account will be closed if you don’t act now or You have won a prize but you must claim it within 24 hoursĀ¹Ā²Ā³.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 07/05/2023
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